Sprint review, retro and planning brought on a new level
No more excel sheets during sprint planning. Automatically visualize your KPIs across several teams and hack your projects efficiency.
What problems does the Sprintometer solve?
Time Consuming Manual Calculations
No more cumbersome manual work editing sheets. Calculate automatically all important Scrum metrics such as: velocity of planned and ad hoc tasks, commited/done ratio, average velocity per team member and many more.

IT and business do not speak the same language
Sprintometer illustrates all metrics in an easy and intuitive way. This way it creates more transparency and improves the information flow across team members.
For example you can check the status of your sprint goal anytime.
Proactive warning of impediments
Your team realizes last minute that with the given ressources the dealine cannot be met. Or that your story cannot be compleated in time because it is dependent on another team's story. Sprintometer eliminates such situations by illustrating the upcoming problem.
A cloud-based dashboard that connects several backlogs provides a forecast on future sprints outcome
Automated forecast for future sprints
Get an estimation on how much your team will get done based on historical data and your availability for the upcoming sprints. Compare with the stories in your backlog and make adjustments.
See at one glance:
  • How many story points will be done by a certain day given that you continue working with the same pace
  • How many story points you need to get done to finish all tasks in the backlog by a certain date
Quickly access the information you need
  • Select for how many future sprints you would like to see a forecast
  • Set average amount of storypoints per unestimated story
  • Choose if you want to consider the whole backlog or stories assigned to the selected sprints

Blue Line: Historical data. Amount of story points completed (accumulated across sprints). Orange Line: Forecast. Amount of story points that must be completed to get all stories in backlog done by a certain date.

Historical data. Amount of story points completed (accumulated across sprints).

Green Line: Scrum Board 1, Yellow Line: Scrum Board 2

Forecast Delta
Difference between storypoints that team gets completed if continues working with its historical pace vs. how many more need to get done to finish all stories in backlog by a certain date.
Estimated story points in backlog
This is how many story points are assigned to the stories estimated
Unestimated Stories in Backlog
The amount of stories that were not estimated yet
Historical Data
Where do our recourses flow? See sprint history at one glance.
  • Flow of all issues from the sprint visualized and grouped in the respective categories such as:
Committed yes or no?
Type Story or Bug?
Part of feature yes or no?
Part of PI Objective yes or no?
What is the Issue Status at the sprint end?

  • The categories are fully customizable
  • The thickness of the lines indicates the story points
Sprint History. Vizualization of all issues that were part of the sprint.
Sprint History. See flow of single stories from the sprint.
Powerful historical overview of sprints
  • Compare sprint capacity & commitment with velocity
Historical data. Amount of story points completed per sprint for different scrum boards.
Avg. Story Points
per Sprint for Operations Stories
This amount of story points gets done on Scrum Board 1
Avg. Velocity Team Member/ Day
How many story points an average team member gets done per day
Avg. Velocity of Team
Average amount of story points that gets done per sprint
Analysis of KPIs
Keep all KPIs at one glance
  • See how many story points were done in each KPI-Category
  • Compare the amount of story points per KPI-category in story points and percentage
  • Optimize ressource decisions based on business goals

Bar chart visualizing the amount of storypoints per KPI-category

Pie diagram of KPI-categories

See progress of all epics at one glance
  • See how your team is progressing on the epics
  • Save time and set priorities according to the progress and team dependencies

Progress of epics

Sprint Planning
Instantly detect dependencies between team members - and plan your tasks accordingly
  • See availability of each team member several sprints ahead
  • See amount of person days available in each sprint several sprints ahead
  • Optimal planning of tasks with respect to the availability of the team members made easy

Overview of available person days in the future sprints

Key Benefits
Ideal solution for enterprises
Perfect solution for large enterprises with complex organzational structures using e.g. SAFe. Customizable metrics from ART level to Team level.
Automatic calculation of many crucial Scrum KPIs such as velocity and time-to-market metrics
Good bye cumbersome excelsheet. Enjoy an automated metrics dashboard for several backlogs with a userfriendly interface.
Time-saving tool for review and planning
Make your sprint ceremonies more meaningful going forth and back in history and forecast without spending any time on calculations.
Who can benefit from the Sprintometer?
Scrum Master
  • Foresee dependencies between stories and react before they become an impediment
  • Save time on manual calculations and reporting
  • Benefit from the intuitive illustrations at Scrum ceremonies
Product Owner
  • Get deep insights into the team's processes and check feature and sprint status anytime
  • Make realistic data-driven forecasts of the product releases
Developer/ Scrum Team Member
  • Enjoy more common ground for discussions with business
  • Benefit from a realistic and efficient planning
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Revolutionize your Scrum processes
No more excel-sheets and manual calculations. Automated and precise historical data and forecasts on your team's productivity.
Use the Sprintometer for your Scrum review, retro and planning to make data-based forecasts and optimizations in your team work.
Gain full control over your Scrum process
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